Company Overview


Hill End Gold Limited is an ASX-listed exploration, development and investment company with projects that have high value and advanced development potential.

High Purity Alumina Project

At Ballarat, HEG has acquired 100% of the Pure Alumina Pty Ltd High Purity Alumina (HPA) Project, which has rich kaolin deposits on tenements at nearby Lal and Pittong, Victoria. HEG has completed resource drilling of the initial deposit at Yendon, near Lal Lal and has outlined 3-4 times more kaolin than expected from previous drilling in the 1980s. Resource estimation and metallurgical test work are underway and leading to the completion of a Preliminary Feasibility Study by early 2018. The market for HPA is in electronics, such as LED lighting and lithium batteries and is forecast to expand at 15-20% compound annual growth rate over the next six years. HEG's HPA Project is anticipated to produce a significant proportion of global HPA supply at low unit costs.

Gold Projects

At the Hill End and Hargraves Gold Projects in central NSW, there is a large combined gold resource base of over 570,000 ounces with exploration continuing to enhance the quantity, and quality, of this resource base, with a near-term target of more than one million ounces. HEG has a 100% beneficial interest in all granted tenements, while Hill End tenements encompassed by the previous EL2037 are subject to a 15% right to contribute triggered by an 'economic feasibility study'.