Weed Control

Hill End Gold Limited (HEGL) is required to control weeds on areas of its Mining Lease and disturbed areas of its Exploration Licences. When planning site works HEGL always considers the environment and any possible impact our activities may have on it.

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An initiative under this year’s Annual Environmental Management Report is a focus on Serrated Tussock and its spread throughout the local district.

With the assistance of the Serrated Tussock Working Party NSW/ACT and the Central Tablelands Local Lands Service an information morning was held with the aim of involving all local stakeholders in the district.

The Turon-Macquarie Weed Working Group was formed after 25 land managers met to learn more about native, introduced and invasive plants at a field day near Hill End.

The realization that a coordinated approach was needed to successfully deal with serrated tussock and other invasive weeds sparked the decision to form the group.


 icon HEGL Initiates Action on Serrated Tussock (734.5 kBicon Weeds Working Group to take on Serrated Tussock (247.27 kB)

 icon Serrated Tussock Working Party 2014 Progress Report (215.82 kB)