Hill End Gold Limited (HEGL) is committed to improving the economic and social outlook of the communities in which it operates. The Company places an emphasis on local recruitment and the use of local services, and where possible provides financial assistance for community projects and supports improvements in local infrastructure. Communication with the communities we work in is a priority for HEGL, this is achieved by regular updates being provided to community meetings and through community newsletters and notices.

Hill End

In Hill End HEGL contributions include, a policy of priority local resident employment whenever possible, financial and in kind support for Hill End Public School, assistance to the NPWS Hill End and Hill End Police, in kind and financial support to the Hill End & District Volunteer Bushfire Brigade, sponsoring St Johns Ambulance Senior First Aid training for local residents through the Hill End Public School.

A new initiative is HEGL's support of a drive to combat Serrated Tussock in the local area. See this link for further information Serrated Tussock Initiative.


In Hargraves, HEGL also has a policy of priority local resident employment whenever possible, among other financial support for the Hargraves Public School was arranging for the drilling out their water bore when it became unservicable. HEGL were also able to assist the Hargraves Isolated Women's Group and the Hargraves Rural Fire Brigade.